PrimeScript™ RT Master Mix (Perfect Real Time)

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This product is a reverse transcription reagent kit designed to perform reverse transcription optimized for two step real-time RT-PCR (RT-qPCR). It contains a 5X pre-mixed reagent containing all of the components needed for quantitative RT-PCR reverse transcription (PrimeScript RTase, RNase Inhibitor, Random 6 mers, Oligo dT Primer, dNTP Mixture, and reaction buffer), and a reaction can be started simply by adding template RNA and water. Because it uses PrimeScript RTase, which features excellent extension, this product makes it possible to synthesize template cDNA for real-time PCR efficiently in a short time. The cDNA obtained with this product can be used in both intercalating green dye qPCR assays and probe qPCR assays.

PrimeScript RT Master Mix (Perfect Real Time) User Manual