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Takara's DNA Ligation Kits are simple, two-component systems that allow rapid performance of all cloning procedures requiring the covalent joining of DNA molecules in vitro. Using an optimized buffer system and T4 DNA Ligase, these kits allow ligation in 30 minutes with high transformation efficiency. For general ligation reactions, these kits allow good efficiency in only 3 minutes. The reactions can be used directly in some bacterial transformations without DNA purification. The kits have similar, simple procedures and give nearly equivalent transformation efficiencies. Version 1.0 can be used for DNA concatenation using Solution B alone.

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  • High-efficiency ligation in 3 minutes (30 minutes for most applications)
  • Quick ligation for cloning in 3 minutes (30 minutes for some applications)
  • DNA insertion into lambda phage vector (Ver. 1)
  • Small-volume ligation (Ver. 2.1)

Version 1 components:

  • Solution A: Reaction Buffer, 3 x 1 ml
  • Solution B: Enzyme Solution, 2 x 187.5 µl

Version 2.1 components:

  • Solution I: Enzyme Solution (contains ligase and reaction buffer), 3 x 250 µl
  • Solution II: Concatenation Buffer, 1 x 750 µl
  • Solution III: Transformation Enhancer, 1 x 200 µl

Product citation

Hayashi, K. et al., Regulation of inter- and intramolecular ligation with T4 DNA ligase in the presence of polyethylene glycol. Nucleic Acids Res. 14, 7617–7631 (1986).

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Certificates of Analysis

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